Sunday, August 21, 2011

August twenty

Standing at the Bottom

there's a man in the park
at the edge of the world
where the darkness falls
from the air

he's shakin' off the stars
he answers to no one
he's building a tower
without stairs

while I'm standin' here on the bottom...

there's a girl in the shadow
the one I used to follow
she tugging my Salvation Army clothes

she said I was the only
but I know we're only liars
but she's beggin' for me not to go

while I'm standing here at the bottom...


Sunday, August 14, 2011

while they wash their hands

we tumble down 
our fur is sold
the children never sleep
we never close
no one knows
why the moonshine never gets above the fence line
and the floodlights point to signs

on the ground
all our shoes are old
seclusion can't be found
and instruction comes in sound waves
and we tear each other
underneath the cover of the judges

we've all gone insane
while they wash their hands
with water that is clean
show me now
show me how this could be your dream

from crystal bowls
they drink your wine
they spill it on the floor
they're coming back for more
and some will drown
and some will take you back
to the cage you're always crying for


we've all gone insane
while they wash their hands
with water that is clean
show me now
show me how this could be your dream

copyright 2011 jamie luhn

Saturday, August 13, 2011


When I was young I didn't understand why I had to pay that thirty-five dollar fine. Now that I'm old, I apologize for having peed on the side of your house.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a short interview from HACKSAWS AND THE SLAWDOG magazine

   Sometimes the rain came through the seams in the roof and dripped on the floor. He sat on a metal stool and burned a loose thread off his jeans with a match. The lights were dim on the set of Slackjaw Radio and it smelled like a beer joint. It smelled like our Darlin Slackjaw.

Starbelly Sneetch: So, what's your story...I mean, why are you hunkered down in the woods? Two years ago you played pretend in Hollywood and now you're hiding out in a shed in the middle of nowhere in particular.

Darlin Slackjaw: Well yeah. I don't get out much. I don't want to. I don't want to subject myself to things like shoppers on speaker phone, brats, chinese plastic, decaf, mexican tomatoes, cockroaches, other people's stinkbugs, smart cars, sports bars, sports, snot-nosed artists, fake art, snot-nosed art, and any other bullshit that isn't mine.

Starbelly: That's quite a list. You didn't leave anything out?

Darlin: umm...yeah...vinyl siding, corvettes, hair extensions, butt cracks, jive-talkin', hip-hoppers, hipsters, and your mom.

Starbelly: You say you don't want to subject yourself to people?

Darlin: ...the mob...the mass...the speedwalkers...I think I paraphrase Charles Bukowski when I say, "'s not that I don't like people, it's just that I like them better when they're not around."

Starbelly: But you have a facebook page?

Darlin: Well, yeah. I do. When I opened my account I thought we would all sit around and talk about art and politics and the joy of seeing the misery of, was I stupid...oh, by the way, today I cut the grass, I'm eating an egg sandwich, the kids did stuff, GO TEAM!, and I'm defriending you.

   Darlin Slackjaw leaned over and picked-up his guitar. He picked -off a round of chords before he kindly asked for my departure...Yeah, that Darlin Slackjaw's going to grow up to be a fine young gentleman someday.