Friday, May 24, 2013

my shack life

she said. "You gotta see this."
she didn't say. "There's a frog stuck to the window."


  1. hey jamie, don't know what you're up to, but I got inspired on your behalf this morning ( secondary to getting inspired on my own behalf last week). Your work is so interesting--I love the mini stories with the evocative pictures . I've decided to get serious about my blog by blogging (almost) every day. Right now I'm doing a series of 12 little girl angels--very sugary--but if its just confection I hope its gourmet confection. I have ideas for my next set, and am also thinking about a serial online picture book. Can you set yourself some kind of (almost) everyday goal and do a series-or miniseries? I think your stuff is brilliant, but the bottom line is you need more of it. I was talking to an experienced, older artist friend of mine the other day and that was basically what he said to me about my work. The more stuff you have, the more salable it is. I think you should set yourself a goal of enough of your illustrations/mininarratives to fill a book, in the meantime filling your blog.

    What do you think?

  2. I think...umm...Mrs. L says not to feel guilty about time spent drawing and Niggle just does what he has to do. I'm somewhere in between, creating to stay sane...daydreaming...(and where to find an audience for my daydreams is something else.)

    And, I would love to fill a book but I keep changing the format...and getting reclusive...and staying undisciplined...

    And, I'll set some goals...been thinking about it.

  3. Why can't the format be varied?

    Discipline is an interesting subject. I think some times things that aren't exactly about discipline are sometimes simplified into discipline issues. I am doing my little daily blog series as a discipline, sort of, but I am finding that an enormous amount of self-doubt and negative feeling is emerging as I follow that little self-imposed discipline, which I fully intend to keep following. The temptation to quit is not so much because I am undisciplined, but because persevering is actually a kind of battle and at one time I would have mistakenly believed that it was some kind of sign I was going in the wrong direction. I think times I have avoided doing art as an unconscious avoidance of the negative feelings that come as I press through to some different level. It wasn't exactly being undisciplined--or if it was, I didn't have the understanding of how discipline related to the big picture.

    Not that I think that is where you are. I actually have no idea.

    When I sent you that I was really excited about possibilities--by evening I had completely crashed. But I guess that's where discipline and determination are useful, if they stay in balance.

    I guess my main point was, its easier to get an audience, the more stuff you have. I have been advised not to push too hard to stay in a consistent format--to go with the flow so as not to get stopped up.

    Anyway, I hope I didn't make you feel pressured or guilty. I just think your work is really interesting and unique and think there is a large audience for it. They just don't know it yet.

  4. I do appreciate the input and enthusiasm. I do try (sometimes) to be consistant with posting my drawings and sketchwork but it's usually at nutbushflats.blogspot.

    I do have a goal-I have thumbnails for a 24pager and want to do the finshed work in a 24hr span. Finding the 24hours and the hours to re-balance is an issue. I seem to do best at finishing anything when I'm in a manic-sort of-mentality.

    I hope you do the serial picturebook.

    1. duh. I didn't realize you've been posting over there, too.